Phoenix Academy Students Love to Learn

Phoenix Academy students love to learn and have been busy with many activities.

Phoenix Academy student predict what will happen to the candy heart.Candy Heart Experiment

In spirit of Valentines Day, Mrs. Ryan’s class rekindled their love for science with an experiment involving candy hearts. In this experiment the students predicted what would happen to a candy heart in one of four liquids: vinegar, soda, oil, and water. While some hearts remained solid, others melted, but one thing is certain: this science experiment melted the hearts of our students and provided them with a new understanding of predictions and the effect of liquids on solids.

Phoenix students have fun on Valentines Day.Phoenix Academy Student Enjoys Candy.Phoenix Academy students take a group picture.Phoenix Academy students made Valentines Boxes.

From science to celebration with Valentines boxes and treats, for our students, nothing is sweeter than learning at Phoenix Academy.



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