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Support Students This Giving Tuesday
Support Students This Giving Tuesday
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Students like Alberto Need Your Help to Start a New Chapter

Prior to coming to the Phoenix Academy, every school day for Alberto was a struggle.

In second grade, he started to fall behind… and then COVID struck. Alberto’s grades worsened, despite his mother’s desperate attempts to get him the support he needed.

When students returned to the classroom, he continued to face challenges. His mom even cut back on her hours at work to try to provide extra help for him, but nothing worked.

“I’d push him to do his homework, and he became so depressed, that he didn’t even want to do homework anymore,” she said. “He didn’t care about homework. He didn’t care about doing anything anymore.”

She became increasingly worried about Alberto, and as a single mother, she experienced immense stress every day as she tried to find someone – or something – that could help. Then, she heard about the Phoenix Academy, and at her sister’s urging, she enrolled Alberto this fall.

“The second day he went (to Phoenix Academy), I saw a smile again. The third day, he said ‘I made a friend.’ Now every morning, he gets up… and he’s just ready to go to school. He gets his homework done as soon as he gets home. As soon as we get in the car, he asks ‘Can I start my homework?'”

Now she says Phoenix Academy has totally changed her son’s life – and hers.

“He enjoys going to Phoenix Academy. He has learned so much. He’s looking forward every day to go to school. He’s a totally different person.”

There are hundreds of students in our community just like Alberto – students who feel lost, alone, or left behind every day they attend school. 

We’re dedicated to providing top-of-the-line education to these children, regardless of their ability to pay tuition. But because we are only able to cover 30% of our operating expenses with tuition fees, we can’t provide scholarships to students in need without the generosity of people like YOU. 

It costs nearly $1,000 to provide one month of education to a child in need and $5,500 to provide an entire semester. Your donation will help a child right here in the metro start a new chapter at the Phoenix Academy, where they will have access to a supportive environment that can meet their individual needs.

How Your Gift Will Change Lives

By making it possible for a student to attend the Phoenix Academy, you help them write a new chapter in their life story – one where they have the support and tools they need to thrive in school and beyond. Here at the Phoenix Academy, we don’t take the “wait to fail approach” that blames students and families for academic difficulties. We meet students where they are and use research-backed instructional methods to help them reach grade-level milestones — and beyond.

Research-Backed Instruction

We use the Spalding Method, a research-based reading instruction method. It is accredited by the International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council and the International Dyslexia Association.


We believe every child should have the opportunity to learn in the environment that works for them. Students are placed in classrooms based on their instructional level so they can get the support they need.


Our individualized approach gets results! Phoenix Academy students have significantly improved in reading from fall to spring for the past two years, according to the Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Achievement.

What Makes Phoenix Academy So Great? Hear from Phoenix Academy Students and Teachers