Our School

Who we are

Phoenix Academy is a non-profit private school, kindergarten to eighth grade, that helps students with learning challenges get back on track.  Our students transfer to Phoenix Academy from schools across Iowa and Nebraska — both public and private — to benefit from intensive reading and math classes, small class sizes and a supportive learning environment.

The Reading and Math Specialists

Phoenix Academy’s approach helps children with a variety of learning styles become confident readers and writers. Our curriculum is an intensive phonetics-based reading program offering a highly structured multi-sensory approach (see it, hear it, say it, and write it). As part of a broad curriculum, Phoenix Academy students also benefit from intensive math programs that emphasize basic skills and build on math concepts through pre-algebra.

We are Unique

Students are placed in classrooms based on their instructional levels. The average stay at Phoenix Academy is two to three years.  Phoenix Academy enables students to develop their academic skills while rebuilding their self-esteem and confidence.  Our success is measured by the countless number of students who have returned to traditional classrooms with the skills they need to be successful.

Success Starts in the Classroom

Students not only grow academically at Phoenix Academy, they often blossom socially and emotionally too. Nothing is more rewarding for our educators than to watch a student’s confidence soar as they discover their ability to learn, contribute in the classroom, make friends and develop goals for the future.

Testing Services

Do you know your child’s reading and spelling level?  How well does your child know math facts and concepts?  Our testing services can help identify your child’s academic strengths and weaknesses. Testing includes –  *Reading fluency   *Reading comprehension   *Phonemic decoding   *Spelling grade level equivalency   *Sight word recognition   *Math facts and skills

Act Now

Our experience shows that the earlier learning challenges are addressed the better the results.  Call today, 402-390-0556, for further information and to schedule a tour of our school.  We invite your inquiries.  Tuition assistance is available.   For a registration form and/or information call 402-390-0556.

Summer Kickstart

We also offer Summer Kickstart a shortened version of our school year program for all ability levels.  Summer school will be held in July and registration will begin in February.  Testing services listed above are provided free for students enrolled in summer school.