YOU Can Give a Child Wings

Prior to coming to Phoenix Academy, Lydia spent hours in the resource room each day.

School had always been challenging for her due to her intellectual disability. She was making slow but steady improvements, but when her parents heard about Phoenix Academy, they were instantly intrigued. They enrolled Lydia this year, and now she’s been making exceptional strides in her reading.

“It just felt (like Phoenix Academy) was created for my daughter,” her father, Craig, said. “Now that’s she’s there, she’s… honestly, she’s the kid that always has a smile on her face. She loves interacting with everyone at the school. She’s working really hard. She’s making fantastic progress,” Craig said. “She loves going to school.”

You can ensure more children like Lydia reach new heights in school and in life by making a gift to the Phoenix Academy. We are the leading resource in Omaha for students who need intervention to achieve grade-level performance. Furthermore, we’re dedicated to providing our unique curriculum to ANY child in need, regardless of their ability to pay. But because we receive no money from state, federal, or religious organizations, we rely on the generosity of people like YOU to keep our doors open.

Right now, your support is more than important than ever. The need for our school grows every year, especially considering the currently declining literacy rates post-COVID. We have waitlists for all the grades that we serve. Because we are only able to cover 30% of our operating expenses of our operating costs with tuition fees, your gift today will make a big impact. Together, we can ensure students like Lydia can receive top-of-the-line education at Phoenix Academy and leave performing at grade-level, ready for the next step in their education.

Thank you for your incredible support and generosity!


Nancy Liebermann
Executive Director, Phoenix Academy

Ways to Give

Our Scholarship Luncheon

Our Annual Scholarship Luncheon is the largest fundraiser for Phoenix Academy, with all proceeds directed towards scholarships for students in need. Scholarship Luncheons feature exciting speakers and award ceremonies honoring literacy champions of our community. If you are interested in sponsoring the luncheon or learning more, please visit our luncheon page.

Jordan Toma