Teacher Spotlight – Ms. Keigon Lehn

This May, we’re excited to highlight our fabulous teacher, Ms. Keigon Lehn. This is Ms. Lehn’s second year as a full-time teacher at the Phoenix Academy – she has also taught two years of summer school with us!  Ms. Lehn currently teaches third and fourth grade. We visited with her about her time at Phoenix […]

Teacher Spotlight – Mrs. Hutchson

This month, we’re thrilled to share a bit more about our amazing teacher, Mrs. Hutchson. This is Mrs. Hutchson’s eighteenth year at the Phoenix Academy and her twenty-fourth year working in education.  Mrs. Hutchson currently teaches sixth and seventh grade at Phoenix Academy. She also teaches decoding, which is an important component of the unique […]

Teacher Spotlight – Mrs. Chavez

To kick off the new year, we’re highlighting one of our first-year teachers at Phoenix Academy – Mrs. Chavez. Prior to coming to Phoenix Academy, Mrs. Chavez worked in special education for five years. Now, she teaches second and third grade. We took a moment to chat with Mrs. Chavez about how the first semester […]

Activities To Make Your Holiday Break One for the Books

The holiday break is in full swing, and we know most children are over the moon about getting to take some time off from school! However, we know that for many parents, it can be difficult to keep children busy and entertained for the entire duration of the break. Here are a few activity ideas […]

Easy Ways to Show Interest in Your Child’s School Day 

School is the stage for so many important events in your child’s life – it’s the place where they meet friends, learn about themselves, overcome challenges, discover new passions, and much more. We know that, as a parent, you probably care deeply about your child’s growth and development at school. We also know that everything […]

From Summer to School: Five Ways to Help Your Child Make the Transition

Can you believe summer is almost coming to a close? In just a few weeks, we’ll be welcoming all our students back through our doors, and we couldn’t be more excited!  However, we understand that, for students, the first couple weeks of school can be just as challenging as they are fun and exciting. Thankfully, […]

Five Ways to Ensure Your Child Doesn’t Experience “Summer Slide” 

Have you ever heard of summer slide? And no, we’re not talking about playground equipment here. This slide is one you really don’t want your kids going down! Summer slide is the term that many teachers and researchers use to refer to the loss of skills and knowledge that students experience over the summer. A […]