Easy Ways to Show Interest in Your Child’s School Day 

School is the stage for so many important events in your child’s life – it’s the place where they meet friends, learn about themselves, overcome challenges, discover new passions, and much more. We know that, as a parent, you probably care deeply about your child’s growth and development at school. We also know that everything from your child’s packed schedule to their attitude may make it difficult to open a conversation about what exactly their day-to-day experience at school is like. 

Here are three ways you can actively show your interest in your child’s school day and schoolwork: 

Ask One of These Questions as Soon as You See Your Child

Sometimes you simply don’t know what to ask. Try one of these conversation starters to encourage your child to open up: 

  • What was the best part of your day? 
  • What did you find challenging today? 
  • What made you smile today? 
  • What did you learn that surprised you today? 

Once you ask the question, try setting aside whatever you are doing and give your child a few minutes of your undivided attention. If they don’t seem interested in the conversation the first day or two, don’t give up – ask a different question the next day! 

Don’t forget to share aspects of your day, too! This can help the interaction feel more like a conversation and less like an interrogation, which is especially important if your child is in their teen years. 

Ask Your Child If They Brought Home Anything from School

We often send homework, art projects, or important reminders home with your child. If they brought home a piece of their work – a poster, art piece, etc. – take the time to read or view it and make a comment about something positive you notice! 

Some examples include: 

“Wow, I love the colors you used here!” 

“The first sentence of your paper is so attention-grabbing! I immediately wanted to read more.” 

While you may be excited if your child gets a good grade, make sure you don’t always center your praise around this. It’s important to reward effort more often than outcomes.

Check In with Your Child About Their Homework 

Conversations about homework can quickly get frustrating for both children and parents. Establishing a set “homework” time with your child can eliminate the need for you to try to rope your child into starting their work. Instead, at the specified time, you can ask them what they’re working on that evening and if they anticipate needing your help. This is a good time to reinforce that the work they’re doing sounds important or interesting. 

You can also show interest in your child’s work by acting in solidarity – if your child needs to read a book, you can choose to read at the same time. If they are working on math, you might take the time to work on your monthly budget. 


We know it isn’t always easy to get children to open up about their school day, but by showing your interest, you truly are motivating them to reach new heights in school! 

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