From Summer to School: Five Ways to Help Your Child Make the Transition

Can you believe summer is almost coming to a close? In just a few weeks, we’ll be welcoming all our students back through our doors, and we couldn’t be more excited! 

However, we understand that, for students, the first couple weeks of school can be just as challenging as they are fun and exciting. Thankfully, there are a few easy things you can do at home to help your kids prepare for the transition from summer freedom back to the classroom.

Foster a Sense of Excitement 

The end of summer can be bittersweet for kids. Help your child see the start of school as an exciting, positive change by doing something fun to celebrate the upcoming school year, like an activity day or grill out! 

Start Working Toward Your Child’s New Bedtime 

Your child might have an earlier bedtime (and an earlier wake-up call) during the school year than they do in the summer. It takes some time for children to adjust to new sleep schedules, so start having your child go to bed and wake up earlier in the week or two leading up to the first day of school. This way, they’ll have time to adjust to the new routine before school even starts! 

Talk With Your Child About Their Expectations for the School Year

Your child may be nervous about the start of a new year, especially if they’ll have a new teacher or classroom. Open a conversation with your child about the new school year, asking them what they’re worried about AND what they’re excited about! This gives you an opportunity to help your child address their fears and stress. 

Limit Scheduled Appointments/Activities During the First Week of School

Your student may need a little extra time to unwind after the school day during the first couple weeks, so if you can, avoid scheduling too many activities or appointments during the first couple weeks. 

Attend our Back to School Night

Giving your child a chance to meet their teacher and see their new classroom before the start of school can help reduce their anxiety and help them feel more prepared! Bring your whole family and join us on our Back to School night on August 14th from 5-7 p.m.

With the start of school right around the corner, we hope these tips help you and your child feel more prepared to manage any challenges this time may pose! We can’t wait to see you all at the Phoenix Academy soon. 

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