Activities To Make Your Holiday Break One for the Books

The holiday break is in full swing, and we know most children are over the moon about getting to take some time off from school! However, we know that for many parents, it can be difficult to keep children busy and entertained for the entire duration of the break. Here are a few activity ideas to keep the fun (and even the learning) going over the next week and a half. 

Visit the RiverFront Ice Rink

Have you and your family visited the RiverFront park yet? The park boasts a new, outdoor ice skating rink (that converts to a rollerblading rink in the summer). Skate rentals are available at the rink for $5 for adults and $4 for children. Visit for more information. 

Make a Homemade Snow Globe 

This craft is so easy – start by finding an empty jar. Hot glue a plastic figurine, lego pieces, or whatever else your child desires to the inside of the lid. Fill the jar with water and sparkles (and a drop or two of glycerin, if you have it). Then screw on the lid and shake away! For more detailed instructions, check out this website:

Make an Event Out of Reading a New Book 

Perhaps you are gifting your child some new books this holiday season. Or perhaps you can set aside time to visit the library. In either case, make an event out of reading the new books. Pick a chilly day, make hot chocolate and popcorn, and encourage your child to read aloud from the book of their choice. Or, if they’re older, tandem read with your child, instead! This is a great way to make reading seem fun and exciting for your child. 

Organize a Family Game Night 

Do your children like to play board games? Playing games can be a great way to encourage your children to use their noggins over break while keeping things fun and stress-free. According to a 2019 meta-analysis of existing research studies, engaging children in board game play can have positive effects on children with anxiety and ADHD symptoms. They also promote learning and increase children’s interpersonal skills. Thus, a family game night is a great addition to your holiday break plans! 

Make Homemade Snowflakes 

What’s more fun than a winter-themed science experiment? You can encourage your child to learn about crystallization by helping them make their own snowflakes. You just need pipe cleaners, a wide-mouthed jar, borax (be sure to buy the one labeled laundry booster, not soap containing borax), string, and a pencil. Find the full instructions here:

We hope you and your family have fun with these activities and that you also get plenty of rest and relaxation, as well. See you in the New Year! 

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