UNO Service Learning Project


Full rooms, skylines, football and basketball players, and phoenixes too; fairies and princesses, and video game pop art held together with glue. These were the type of awesome art projects Mrs. Ryan and Mr. Cunningham’s Spalding students developed with help from UNO Art 1110: Foundation Drawing Design class. To begin the partnership, each Phoenix student was partnered with a UNO art student who began be teaching them the techniques to draw a picture of the student’s choice. The techniques varied as did the art materials from pencil shading to crayons to oil pastels and colored pencils–the students not only learned the proper technique for each material but the best way to get the results each student wanted. During week one, the UNO art students came to Phoenix Academy and worked with Mr. Cunningham’s class. The following week, Mrs. Ryan’s class traveled to UNO to work on their art projects. The final day ended in a celebration with cookies, punch, and many skills learned and recognized. Each group had the opportunity to talk about their experience working together and the techniques they were able to learn. Finally, groups walked through the gallery of pictures the students, themselves, created. Our students had a blast with this project and all the drawings turned out great! We hope to continue this project in the future with more classes. All parents are welcome to stop by the school and check out the gallery featuring all the projects.


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