Tiffany Robbins Day

photo (65)Today was a very special day at Phoenix Academy – it was Tiffany Robbins Day.  We started the day with the following proclamation:

 We proclaim today, March 19th, to be Tiffany Robbins Day at Phoenix Academy.  We welcome you here as we dedicate our Read to the Dog Room in Tiffany’s honor.  Tiffany was a very kind person and an animal lover.  She lost a four year battle with cancer last July.  She is missed by all who knew her, but her spirit will live on here in the Read to the Dog room decorated for and dedicated to Tiffany.  It is an extra special day as March 19th is Tiffany’s birthday.  It is with great pleasure that we officially open Tiffany’s Nest!

 photo (63)Over the last few weeks our Read to the Dog Room has been transformed into Tiffany’s Nest.  A beautiful mural was painted on the wall by Sheila Fitzgerald the owner of Blooms in Rockbrook Village and her assistant Allie.  They painted Tiffany sitting by a tree reading a book.  They also painted two of the dogs that come to read with the students, Sammie and Barney.  The room is so peaceful and inviting and will be a wonderful place to spend time reading.

Tiffany’s parents Gary and Mary Robbins attended the ribbon cutting ceremony.  Her mother Mary cut the ribbon.  Others in attendance were Charles M. “Mike” Harper, Sara Woods (Phoenix Academy Board President), Sandy and George Lozier (Board Members), Sheila Fitzgerald, Linda Keller with Sammie, Joann Meyer and Michelle Hagen with Barney, and staff and students of Phoenix Academy.  The students read poems they had written about reading to the dog and about Tiffany.  They also recited the Phoenix Academy pledge, a group poem and shared some phonograms.  It was a lovely tribute to Tiffany and even more memorable because it was her birthday.  Each year on March 19th we will celebrate Tiffany Robbins Day at Phoenix Academy.

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  1. How did I ever miss seeing this?
    What a beautiful tribute to our daughter, Tiffany!
    It is comforting to us to know that she will forever be remembered at Phoenix Academy.

    Gary & Mary Robbins

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