Phoenix Academy Celebrates Tiffany Robbins Day

Every year on March 19th, Phoenix Academy Celebrates Tiffany Robbins Day. Tiffany Robbins was  a very kind person and an animal lover.  She lost a four year battle with cancer two years ago in July.  She is missed by all who knew her, but her spirit lives on here in the Read to the Dog room decorated for and dedicated to Tiffany, as well as our playhouse, “Tiffany’s Treehouse”.  It is an extra special day as March 19th is Tiffany’s birthday.


This year we celebrated with many activities. First, we welcomed visitors including Mike Harper and Tiffany Robbins’ parents, Mary and Gary Robbins, into our school for our celebration. Our students took visitors on a school tour explaining what they do at Phoenix Academy, their homeroom, and often their favorite part of attending Phoenix Academy.  One student said to a visitor, “At my old school math was really hard for me. I felt like I couldn’t learn. Here, I’ve learned math and even like it! I feel like at Phoenix Academy I’m learning for the first time.”

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IMG_0816Bridget Welcomes Mr. Harper and Mr. Gary RobbinsIMG_1007Phoenix Students Give ToursPhoenix Students explain what they do at Phoenix AcademyPhoenix Academy students show visitors our school

Visitors were also able to see our Tiffany Robbins Read to the Dog Room in action. We had two service dogs present, Ruby and Barney, who listened to the students read and greeted our guests with wide eyes and wagging tails.

Read To the Dog Room


After a full school tour, the students gave presentations of projects they’ve been working on in their classes. One class recited a poem holding a big stuffed snake, one recited a poem titled, “I Am Phoenix,”  one presented a puzzle in celebration of Tiffany Robbins Day and the Read to the Dog Room, and one created a poster. There were also several in-classroom presentations as one group read a story and stated, “With Tiffany’s love of animals, we’re sure she would have loved this story,” as they took turns reading sections aloud. The presentations ended with a demonstration of Shurley Grammar.

Students give presentations .Presentation 2IMG_0879IMG_0911IMG_0941IMG_0968IMG_0970IMG_0979

We finished our celebration with a lunch honoring Tiffany and her parents, Mary and Gary Robbins. It was a wonderful day at Phoenix Academy.

Tiffany Robbins Lunch

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  1. I enjoyed so much subbing for Mrs. Schweers on Tffany Robbins Day and am so proud of the children who worked hard to give the presentation well. The compliments were very much appreciated!

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