Girls on the Run

20150302_155708Phoenix Academy is participating in Girls on the Run for the first time ever. Already, our girls are talking the talk before they walk the walk–or run rather.

The girls began the first day by defining words like confidence and contribution and describing how they will use these words in their everyday experiences, as well as in activities in Girls on the Run.

Mrs. Ryan, one of the Girls on the Run coaches, stated, “I was so excited I jumped out of bed, I worked out, and I sprinted into our classroom ready to teach you girls and get to start Girls on the Run!” “Who else felt like that,” she asked. Hands flew up describing leaping from bunk beds and the need to be at school on time for fear of missing this awesome program.

20150302_155703Mrs. Ryan gave all the details about the program including running a 5k in the future and energy rewards. She then had the students brainstorm how they could treat each other nicely throughout the running process. “We can give words of encouragement.” “We can lock arms and listen to each other,” were some of the responses. Before the girls went on their first run as a unified group, they came up with powerful names such as Intelligent Isabel and Super Sam. This empowered them up as they began warm-up exercises and ran, with confidence, like girls.  Click here or more information on Girls on the run20150302_163605

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