College of Saint Mary Students Bring “OT Boot Camp” to Phoenix Academy

Phoenix Academy students in basic training?!  Occupational Therapy students from the College of Saint Mary put our young soldiers to work in their first OT Boot Camp.  OK? OK? OK? ALRIGHT! ALRIGHT! ALRIGHT!  The students experienced the benefits of occupational therapy first hand by engaging in activities that would strengthen both their fine and gross motor skills, as well as getting the opportunity to munch their way through a healthy eating class.

The goal of occupational therapy is to help people of any age engage in a life that is meaningful to them.  Therapy may involve improving a person’s strength or coordination so that they can participate in what they love.  It may also involve education on topics that will help them live healthier lives.  The possibilities are endless, and therapy is tailored to the needs of the client.  The students of the Phoenix Academy got a taste of how much fun therapy can be.

The fun began with an energetic all school assembly that had the kids shouting for joy!  One OT student led the kids in what can only be considered cognitive gymnastics, as she had them chanting songs with challenging motions.  The students then participated in three separate activities that addressed a variety of issues.  They hand crafted a healthy cook book to work on hand strength and coordination, physically challenged themselves on an obstacle course, and created a delicious, as well as nutritious, fruit pizza.   The most important thing of all was that everyone had fun!  Bringing students from both of these schools together made for a very successful day.   A special thanks to the College of Saint Mary and the OT Team.  It was a wonderful learning experience for both our students and staff.  Go Team!

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