2012 Summer School

Summer School 2012 our four week intensive reading and math program was held June 4th – 29th, from 8:30 – noon, Monday through Friday.  Summer school is a condensed version of our school year program.  Students worked on reading, writing, spelling, and math. Here is what parents and students had to say about summer school:

“Great emphasis on language arts; Spalding phonics, wonderful program – thanks!”  Chris & Kristen parents

“Phonics curriculum is phenomenal!”  Jennifer mother

“I think Phoenix Academy is a wonderful program for any child.  I am so happy that my son was able to be involved this summer.  He was nervous at first but ended up enjoying it so much.  Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to young children, especially mine!”  Leslie mother

“My daughter didn’t like reading at all, but since she started attend the summer school program she is now always reading.”  Winnie mother
Student reading with our READ Dog Sammie

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