Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony Complete

screen-shot-2016-10-10-at-11-20-59-am Thank you to all our parents, families, board members, supporters, and friends for attending our official ribbon-cutting ceremony on Thursday, October 6th, 2016.  It was wonderful to have so many people come together to celebrate the expansion of our school.  The year-long building expansion project added five additional classrooms and a lower-level multi-purpose room for lunches, indoor recess and large group gatherings. In addition, the renovation has provided space for a library, art room, music room, occupational and speech therapy room, and much-needed storage. Guests of the event got to tour the new middle school wing named “Tiffany’s Wing,” in honor of Tiffany Robbins, a young local woman and an animal lover who passed away in 2013 after a courageous battle against cancer. This new wing also features a tribute to the late Charles M. “Mike” Harper, a dedicated supporter of the school.  It was an honor to have Mary and Gary Robbins (Tiffany’s parents) and Betsy Murphy (Mike Harper’s daughter) cut the ribbon for us at the ceremony.  It was a lovely day and we are so proud of our school!

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