Mrs. Schweers Teacher of the Week

Our very own teacher, Mrs. Schweers, at Phoenix Academy won Teacher of the Week on Star 104.5. Chris and Ricky visited us at Phoenix Academy and presented Mrs. Schweers with the award. As Phoenix Academy staff members, Mrs. Schweer’s husband, and her homeroom class lined the back of the room, Chris and Ricky asked, “Are you surprised?” There was no need for her to answer with the look on her face. “Your husband didn’t spill the beans?,” Ricky asked jokingly.

Chris read aloud the nomination letter, “In 2005 we adopted a 5 year old girl with an intellectual disability. She struggled in school so we placed her in Phoenix Academy in 5th grade. She aged out of Phoenix Academy this past May. While there, she became very close to Mrs. Schweers. My daughter has struggled in high school and has kept in touch with Mrs. Schweers. Every time my daughter receives 5 full days of positive remarks on her behavior grades Mrs. Schweers drives to our home and takes her out for a special time. That has made a huge difference! She’s now passing thanks to the unpaid and extraordinary efforts of this fantastic teacher. She chooses to go the extra mile for a child, no longer even her student that needs some encouragement along the way. I really want to see that kind of dedication rewarded,” and “that’s what brings us here today,” Chris stated.

We would like to thank Star 104.5, Chris and Ricky, Suzanne from Gigi’s Cupcakes, Sky Zone, and Half Price Books for making Teacher of the Week possible and for making it such as special occasion for Mrs. Schweers and everyone at Phoenix Academy

Check out the full video of 104.5’s TeacherĀ  of the Week Here – Mrs. Schweers!

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