Literacy Leaders’ Luncheon Sponsors and Donors

Phoenix Academy would like to thank our sponsors and donors who helped to make our luncheon successful.  We appreciate your support!


Allan and Ann Mactier Family Charitable Foundation
Ponca Hills Farm
Lozier Foundation
American National Bank
Ms. Cyndy Peacock
Polina Poluektova
Katie Weitz White
Kent & Monica Jacob


Barbara Weitz
Jerry Banks
Steve Ritzman
Red & Jann Thomas
Kevin & Juliet Brown
Kip & Sherri Tyler
John & Wende Kotouc
John & Linda Downey
Brad & Ann Ashford
Emily Baker
Scott Mactier
Gross Family Foundation
Marjorie Hood
Michael B. Yanney, Chairman Emeritus, Burlington Capital Group
Todd & Suzanne Kathol
Dr. Daniel & Barbara Bohi
Katie Bender
Bob & Sherri Sommer
Kirby & Sara Woods
William & Sharon Wchneidewind
Anne Ordway (In loving memory of Bob & Bess McKinnon)
Bonnie Horwich
William & Melinda Kizer
Rae & Thomas Rogers Keogh, Jr
Jim & Diny Landen
Ronald & Lois Roskens (In honor of Ann Mactier)
Brenda Helget
Marian Leary
Jan Muller
Joanie Jacobson
Teresa Woodard
Anne Maguire
Tim & Stephanie Loudon
Dr. John Latenser
Jenny Buckley
Barb Bauer
Joan Stoner
Ann Landon
Fickel Family

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