Phoenix Academy and Children’s Scholarship Fund – Working Together to Make a Difference

Children’s Scholarship Fund and Phoenix Academy financial aid made it possible for new student, Sage, to attend Phoenix Academy.  It has not only made a difference in Sage’s life but for the whole family.

Sage says her favorite thing about Phoenix Academy is “It is fun at Phoenix Academy and it is easy for me to learn here.”  That has not always been the case.  According to an article in the  April 2014 Children’s Scholarship Fund of Omaha’s newsletter, Robin Whalen, her mother, stated that “Sage hated school.  She would put her head down on the kitchen table and cry almost every morning.  She would refuse to go.”  Sage was only a kindergartner at the time and Robin was at a loss.  She knew that school would not get any easier and Sage was falling behind.

Sage and her brother Parker attended summer school at Phoenix Academy in 2013.  Robin saw such a positive change in Sage after only a few weeks that she wanted to enroll her in the fall.  With the financial help from Phoenix Academy and Children’s Scholarship Fund that decision became reality.  Sage was enrolled for the 2013/14 school year and she has continued her academic success.  That success has increased her self-esteem and she has become very confident.  Now Sage is a happy little girl who wants to go to school.

Parker also excelled in the summer school program.  He did not need long-term the specialized direct instruction that has been so helpful for Sage.  Robin said, “All children learn differently and Parker does well in public school.”

Phoenix Academy is proud to partner with Children’s Scholarship Fund.  We thank our donors and those who support our Scholarship Luncheon for making this life-changing program possible for children like Sage.

Read the Children’s Scholarship Fund article here: Spring 2014 Newsletter

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