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2018 April Newsletter

Important Dates:
April 13th: No School
April 27th: Middle School Dance
May 2nd: Hot Dog Lunch
May 3rd: Children’s Scholarship Due
May 3rd: Skate Daze
May 4th: No School
May 8th: Teacher Appreciation
May 17th: Volunteer Appreciation
May 21st: OmahaGives
May 24th: Last Day of School (Dismissal at Noon)
Summer School: July 9th- August 2nd

Morning classes are filling up fast! Register Today!

Summer Kickstart is great way for all ability level students to learn new skills, retain what they learned during the school year and get a kick start for next year.

Tuition is $650 but, for current Phoenix Academy students, tuition is only $500! Register now with a $50 registration fee. Limited scholarships are available.
Thank you to all who supported the scholarship luncheon!

We especially want to thank our parents and grandparents who supported and/or attended the Luncheon!
Brent and Amy Bench ( Luke’s Parents)
Clyde and Faye Comer (Mikey and Kelyan’s Grandparents)
Katie Coughran and Chinwendu Nwinye (Geni’s Parents)
Gene and Susan Dunn (Cole’s Parents)
Hubert Hickman (John’s Dad)
Lester and Michelle Hill (Mary’s Parents)
Tony and Christina Leise (Carter’s Parents)
Misti Mitchell (Kynlee’s Mom)
Pamela Montgomery (Isaiah and Aurora’s Mom)
Colleen and Will Ostdiek (Aaron and Sam’s Parents)
Darren and Jenn Osten (Ella’s Parents)
Sam and Leslie Petermann (Glenn’s Parents)
David and Rhonda Pollock (Harmonie’s Parents)
Gary and Linda Rohwer (Carson’s Parents)
Ashley Stevens (Jaxon’s Mom)
Chris and Erin Vanatta (Cheyenne’s Parents)
James and Cecilia Washington (Kevin’s Parents)

Scholarship Luncheon.

On March 22, 2018 Phoenix Academy hosted its annual Scholarship Luncheon at the Downtown Hilton. Over 325 people came out to eat lunch, listen to the speakers and award recipients and show their support for Phoenix Academy.
Rick Lavoie, our keynote speaker, spoke about the experiences students who struggle in school have on a daily basis. School is their job and their entire identity. Rick also talked about the important role Phoenix Academy plays in our Omaha community. Phoenix Academy is the only school in our area that offers the specialized teaching that is data driven and explicitly shows the success our students have at our school.
Phoenix Academy alumni, current students and parents also spoke about the impact the school has made on their lives. Thank you to Phoenix Academy alumni Charlie Lischer, Annie Lewis and Jasmine Tyler for participating.
Two literacy champions of our community were honored. Jessie Rasmussen received the MacTier/Clark Educator Award. Jessie has been an early childhood The late Mildred Brown received the Holland Literacy Advocate Award. Mildred was a founder of the Omaha Star newspaper. A donor has provided a copy of the children’s book, Newspapers & Butter Pecan Ice Cream, that tells her story to each of our students. (Check their backpacks!)
The luncheon was a great success!

Introducing Mrs. Kalantjakos
We are very excited for Mrs. Alyssa Timperley and her husband, Jeremy, as they await the birth of their first child. Mrs. Lisa Kalantjakos will be taking over the maternity leave for Mrs. Timperley. Mrs. Kalantjakos has been working for us in summer school and as a substitute teacher for 5 years. In May she will have finished her Master’s in Education and Art in May. She will be a great addition to our team. (We will keep you posted on the arrival of Baby Timperley – due date April 14th).
Middle School Dance
The middle school will have a dance on Friday, April 27th from 5:30PM-7:30PM. We are looking for parent volunteers Your teacher will be sending home more information soon!

Children’s Scholarship Fund Of Omaha
CSF offers scholarships to families who wish to send their child to a private school, but do not have the means to afford the tuition. CSF is a transferable scholarship and is another way to get tuition assistance. If you are currently a Children’s Scholarship recipient or would like information on qualifying incomes, please see the attached flyer. CSF renewals and new applications are due May 3, 2018. For more information, go the the website www.csfomaha.org.

Skatedaze will be held Thursday, May 3rd from 6 PM – 8 PM. We would love to see everyone there and
having fun!

Temperatures fluctuate throughout the day during our belated spring weather. We try to get the children outside for recess as much as possible to enjoy the fresh air so please make sure they bring jackets or sweatshirts to school. In the event of stormy weather at dismissal, for safety we will keep the students inside and ask that you come in to get them. (In case of an emergency, our multipurpose room is a designated storm shelter with FEMA approved windows).
Tuition Increase and Fall Registration
It’s hard to believe we only have 32 days left in this school year! We have some important updates for families who plan to return in the fall. Phoenix Academy is a not for profit school which receives no federal or state funds. The school is funded strictly through donation and tuition. The cost for a child to attend Phoenix Academy for one year is $11,000. We hold two fund raisers a year, our Scholarship Luncheon and Omaha Gives. However, in order to close the gap, our Board of Directors has increased tuition to $9,000 which includes all fees. To hold your child’s registration spot, we ask for a $100 deposit. Tuition for August will then be $800 and September through May would be $900 per month. Partial tuition assistance is available for families who qualify based on household income. Please see Nancy Liebermann if you would like to apply.

Cell Phones
The students at Phoenix Academy have no need for phones during the school day. If they need to call home, they may see Mrs. Farrar at the office. We have had issues with students with phones going off in the classroom and students taking and posting photos of classmates while on school property. There is also the concern of phones being lost, stolen or broken at recess. The students have been warned repeatedly but there are still many who are not complying. Phones must remain in the lockers or can be kept at the front office for safe keeping. This is a distraction to the learning of others and a safety concern regarding social media. Please know that students who have their phones out during the school day will have their phones taken away and not returned until parents have been contacted. Second or third offense will result in phones not returned for a week. We appreciate your support from home.

The students are provided a Google Chromebook (computer) for use during the school day. Sadly, we are seeing more and more students who are not using their computers properly. Many students are careless with their computers and have dropped them, misplaced them, failed to charge them or are not using the computers for academics. We have now run out of computers to replace the ones that have been damaged. Please remind your child that if computers are not cared for properly and they are not on appropriate sites, their computer will be confiscated and they will work only on paper assignments.

March Birthdays
Mrs. Hardcastle, Koryn, Kynlee, Mitchell, Luke B., Mrs. Schweers, Jayce, Gabe H., Elijah
(not pictured – Dr. Ivey)

Students must be in uniform, sweatshirts must be solid black or grey or they will be told to take them off. We want our students to stay warm while in school but we also need them to look proper while in the classroom.

Colored Drinks and Powder Drink Mixes
We are still having a problem with students bringing red and other colored drinks in bottles and powder drink mixes to school. These colored drinks can get very messy when spilled and are staining the lunch tables and floors. No red or colored drinks or powdered drink mixes are allowed at school. Capri Sun and juice boxes are okay, the problems are with the drinks in bottles such as Gatorade, water bottles with powder, etc. Thank you for your cooperation.

There have been quite a bit of our students coming to school late. Please try and get all of the students here on time so they start their mornings on time and so they do not fall behind.

If your child is absent, please call the school by 9:00 A.M.
We want to make sure all of your beautiful students are accounted for.

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