Summer Kickstart Testimonials

This is a wonderful program. I really liked the teachers and the curriculum. The variety of methods they use keep the student’s attention and increase their skills. I wouldn’t change a thing!  Kathleen – Mother

The summer school program really helped my child with reading and math. I look forward to sending him to Phoenix Academy again.  Tiffany – Mother

Summer school at Phoenix Academy boosted my children’s confidence in the classroom.  The teachers and staff were very friendly.  The whole program was very organized.  Natalie – Mother

The program helped my child all the way around. She was enthusiastic, happy, and motivated. Her teacher was great as well and very eager and willing to help my child improve.  I appreciated the fincial assistance. Michael-Father

We were very pleased with the program, the teachers and the facilities.  The no frills approach of phonics is great.  The testing before and during the program to show improvement was very beneficial. Julie-Grandmother

My son made great progress in a short amount of time. Kate- Mother

I like that summer school is in July. The kids have a break after school and before the new year. It was great to have the testing done to find out where my children’s strengths and weaknesses. Keep doing what you do best – helping children become successful in school and in life!  Janelle – Mother

Our children thrive in the small class sizes and with your curriculum. Summer school was a great time for them to review what they learned from the previous year and to get a glimpse into next year! Christie and Jason – Parents